Because perfume is a fragile product and often packaged in beautiful boxes that are meant to be a part of the final consumer’s purchasing experience, we take shipping very seriously.

  • Every wholesale order processed by Perfume Price is packaged in large boxes that allow for plenty of shock-absorbing and padding space. While we partner with trusted shipping companies, we know that handling such a delicate product can sometimes come at a cost. Anticipating these obstacles, we do our best to ensure that your merchandise arrives in pristine condition.
  • Because we ship in volume and have established relationships with the very best national shipping providers, we pass along our shipping discounts to you. We ensure fair and reasonable shipping rates and do our best to lower costs when applicable.
  • International Shipping

We understand that international shipping presents additional challenges, however, you can rest assured that this is one of our specialties as we know how essential it is for us to offer direct global shipping as quickly as possible.

Perfume Price customers outside of the United States require a freight forwarding company or a customs broker of their choosing. Our home office is located near Miami, FL allowing easy access to the Port of Miami with minimal delivery costs.

If your preferred forwarding company and/or brokers do not ship from Miami, we will ship merchandise to their base of operation nationally.

Please note that since we do not ship orders internationally, other than delivering nationally to your preferred freight forwarder, we cannot be held liable for any damages that may occur during this transit. Please reference Best Practices found below.

Having a warehouse that is HAZMAT certified, we are able to provide IMO documents for all overseas customers using ocean logistics, upon request only.

Smaller parcels will be shipped internationally via DHL.

  • No matter where your company is located, we will work with you to ensure delivery of your wholesale perfume products at reasonable shipping rates.


Please read the below guidelines in its entirety to ensure a safe and secure delivery.

  • Once the wholesale shipment is handed over to the freight company of your choosing, Perfume Price is no longer responsible for said shipment. Perfume Price cannot file claims on behalf of the consignee.
  • Please carefully inspect the shipment at the time of delivery for any damages that may have occurred during transit. These are most commonly found on the exterior of your shipment.

Any damages MUST be reported to the driver at the time of the drop off. Freight companies will not accept any claims for damages after the driver has left the premise.

DO NOT sign the Bill of Lading (BOL) without properly inspecting your pallet and ensuring an accurate box count.

Perfume Price will not be responsible for any missing boxes or items if a box count is not performed at the time of receipt.

  • Drivers are aware that they must wait until the shipment has been fully inspected. If the driver is not willing to wait, have them notate on the paperwork that the pallet arrived damaged.
  • For any damages occurred during transit, the consignee has the responsibility to file a claim with the freight company. Perfume Price cannot file claims on behalf of the consignee.
  • For greater protection of your shipment and guaranteed approval of your claim, we recommend getting full insurance/declared value with the freight company you selected prior to shipping any goods.
  • All damages and discrepancies (aside from damages having occurred from freight forwarders during shipping) need to be reported within 72 hours of delivery receipt. An email must be sent to with photos attached for each damaged item.

Please note that we will not accept returns for damaged items that are not checked in and notified within 72 hours. Each damage claim is handled on a case by case basis.


Perfume Price utilizes the below shipping carriers.

  • Small orders/parcels inside the continental US will be shipped via UPS, USPS or FEDEX for retail or wholesale orders.
  • Small orders/parcels outside the continental US will be shipped via DHL or USPS for retail or wholesale orders.
  • While we do not ship large orders internationally (as it is the responsibility of the consumer to arrange their own freight forwarding company) we have established relationships via R&A Trucking and/or Prime Transportation and recommend their services.
  • Local deliveries are available for the Tri County area (Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County) within a 40-mile radius from our warehouse for wholesale orders only.

A charge of $40 USD per pallet will be incurred for any deliveries within said 40-mile radius from our warehouse.

  • Local wholesale customers are able to pick up their items at our warehouse between 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday.

Please note that we do not allow same day pickups as orders are processed within 24-48 hours.

Please inform your sales representative of what time you would like to pick up as we are currently allowing limited traffic into our warehouse due to Covid-19.

  • Please note that shipping fees are not included in the price of your item(s) and will be calculated on a per order basis. Additional fees may incur.


Perfume Price now offers Drop Shipping for our preferred customers. Streamlining the process, we are able to ship direct to your customers for added convenience and peace of mind. No minimum order required!

  • Please note that shipping fees are not included in the price of your item(s) and will be calculated on a per order basis. Additional fees may incur.
  • While we understand that you may want to provide your own labels, in order to streamline the process for efficiency we no longer accept client provided labels.
  • Packages will be labeled with the return address of your business and the parcel will remain brandless with no Perfume Price labels.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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